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Chicago K9

Chicagoland's Personal Protection Dogs


Canine Protector

Chicago K9's Canine Protector program is meticulously designed to provide families with a personalized protection dog. These dogs are not only trained to safeguard families but also to be dependable companions. The program encompasses a thorough training curriculum, where puppies are sourced and placed through an 18-month program. Families are actively involved in every phase, from sourcing to training and development. 


Available Dogs

Chicago K9 offers a selection of highly trained protection dogs that are adept in obedience and quick to respond to commands. These dogs are not only skilled but also adaptable, making them perfect for urban environments.


Training Services

Chicago K9 is the go-to place for Personal Protection Canine training in the Chicagoland area. With a team of experts in behavior, training, and operations, we provide a seamless experience to all our clients and canines. Whether it's maintaining the training of existing canine protectors or sourcing and developing a new dog for you, we are the ideal team.

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4108 N. Rockwell

Chicago, IL 60618


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