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Canine protector guard dog and personal protection dog

Canine Protector

The Canine Protector program was designed to select and raise a customized personal protection dog for your family. The Canine Protector is the ultimate dog for your family, offering protection both at home and on the move. Your future companion and protector start here.

Our Process

All of our Canine Protectors are raised for one purpose in mind: To protect your family and be reliable family companions. Our process represents that expectation through our detailed training plan and curriculum. All puppies are vetted, sourced and placed through our program for the first 18 months of their life. They are placed in their handlers care between the ages of 12 to 18 months, however, our families stay involved and updated as much as they like through the entire sourcing, training and development of their canine protector.

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Puppy Selection

            Years of sourcing and selecting puppies for various working roles has allowed our team to form relationships with some of the most highly regarded working dog breeders across the globe. The breeders we work with prioritize working ability, stable temperament, health, and longevity above all else and consistently produce high quality working prospects suitable for family life. Our selection process for individual puppies is tailored specifically to their future role and involves evaluating each puppies working potential, general temperament, and environmental confidence. Our rigorous evaluation process allows us to provide families and individuals with not only high caliber working dogs, but also family companions suited to their owner’s specific lifestyle.

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Learn more about our process here.

Raising & Training

            Once selected, Chicago K9 puppies enter the Pup Start program at Found Training Center in Chicago. Our puppies have the unique opportunity to be raised in an urban environment where they are exposed to all the sights and sounds of city life from day one. Our training system has been constructed by expert trainers with decades of combined experience and education across all disciplines of dog training and has been tried and tested at the highest level. Every interaction our puppies have with their trainers, other dogs, and other people are shaped with their eventual lifestyle and working duties in mind. Unlike many other working prospects, our puppies are integrated into the home and are taught the skills needed to be an enjoyable companion instead of growing up in kennels. Our puppies are prepared for any and all eventual scenarios in which they would be asked to engage with or deter a potential threat to their family as well as being prepared for day to day life at home with the kids, walking through the farmers market, chilling out on a patio or in a brewery, and playing at the park.

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Part of what sets Chicago K9 apart from the rest is our handler coaching and commitment to you and your family protector after training is finished. Our head trainers will deliver your dog to you wherever you are in the world to coach you through every aspect of handling and living with your new companion. Our handover process covers everything from demonstrating handling skills and commands to allowing you to handle your protector through scenarios like home invasions or a carjacking with our team there to coach you along. You can expect us to spend 3 days training you on your new canine protector and ensuring you have the bond you desire.

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Our team also provides annual maintenance training where we polish up on obedience and protection skills and add new skills based on any changes in your lifestyle or circumstance.

Learn more about our Canine Protector Program.

This program is reservations only. To learn more fill out our questionnaire at the link below or send us a message.



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