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Our Dogs

These highly skilled dogs have undergone extensive obedience training, ensuring they respond promptly and accurately to commands. With their adaptability and well-behaved nature, they seamlessly fit into various city settings.

Bagel - 10 Months
German Shepherd/ Male


12 Month
s - SOLD

Belgian Malinois/ Male

Mezzi (Mezcal) is a one year old, male Belgian Malinois. Mezzi loves nothing more than chilling out on patios around the city with his family after a long day of training for his role as a personal protection dog. Mezzi is a medium sized male with a sleek and athletic build and striking markings. He has an incredibly social and stable temperament while still bringing intensity to his protection work, making him an ideal dog to have around children and other family pets. 


Mezzi is the full package when it comes to protection dogs. He is alert and responsive to potential threats while maintaining a happy go lucky attitude in day to day life. Mezzi enjoys being handled by and meeting new people, and is incredibly adaptable to new environments. At Chicago K9 we see Mezzi as a blueprint for what we strive to produce in our protection dogs and are pleased to say that Mezzi is available for reservation now!


18 Month- SOLD

Belgian Malinois/ Female

Sky is a one year old, female Belgian Malinois. Sky may be small in stature but she packs a punch when it comes to character and intensity in her work as a family protector! Sky is a small female, weighing only 35 pounds and is incredibly agile and athletic. She is comfortable being transported in smaller vehicles and living in smaller spaces while still possessing the power to engage with and deter any potential threats. For anybody living in a city, Sky is the perfect protection dog for you!


Our team at Chicago K9 love Sky for her goofy character, her seemingly unending desire to please her handler, and for the way she constantly proves to us that good things come in small packages. If you’re worried about handling, housing, or transporting a large dog but still want to peace of mind that a K9 protector brings, Sky is for you!





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