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Tier 3

Our Tier 3 program is an all-inclusive program that encompasses all aspects of the previous programs. It includes off-leash obedience that exceeds standard obedience practices, a comprehensive bitework progression platform, and the necessary exposure training to create a well-rounded canine protector.

This 12-week program maximizes the time spent on mastering essential skills and provides ample opportunities to work closely with owners.

Cooperative Care

As a Tier 3 canine protector, we place strong emphasis on cooperative care during the dog's extended training period. This entails exposing your dog to veterinary offices and groomers, allowing them to cooperate during such visits. Furthermore, all Tier 3 canine protectors will be trained to wear a muzzle safely and comfortably.

Support & Cost

As part of this program, all owners will receive video updates and tutorials, along with the following:

  • 12-Weeks of Boarding & Training

  • Three day handover process.

  • Weekly Visits during the training program.

  • Three in-home training sessions.

  • Three month attendance to group training.

  • Necessary training equipment.

  • Requirements: 1.5 year of age.

  • Cost: $20,000

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