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Boarding & Training

In this board and train program, your dog will stay and live with our senior training team, which includes our Training Director and Director of Operations. Creating a routine and developing obedience will be integral parts of this program.

Off-leash Platform

In this program we add the comfort of off-leash control and training for your canine protector. Your dog will be able to follow you off-leash and adhere to their day-to-day commands.

Support & Cost

As part of this program, all owners will receive video updates and tutorials, along with the following:

  • 8-Weeks of Boarding & Training

  • Three day handover process.

  • Three in-home training sessions.

  • Three month attendance to group training.

  • Necessary training equipment.

  • Requirements: 1.5 year of age.

  • Cost: $15,000

Drive & Exposure

Drive development is essential for bite work in protection training. Simultaneously, we expose our dogs to various stimuli such as items, other animals, bicycles, children, and scenarios where they should not engage in bite work. This step is crucial in the development of all canine protectors.

Complete Obedience

As part of any tier 1-3 canine protection program, obedience is retaught and proofed. We want all canine protectors to have obedience and control without the conflicts of other obedience platform. This creates clear and reliable communication between you and your canine protector.

Bitework & Control

This program will have a heavy focus on the bite training aspect of personal protection. We will follow a thorough sleeve-to-bite suit progression with your canine protector. Additionally, we will teach your dog how to handle environmental stressors and scenarios to develop their confidence as a reliable protector. Simultaneously, we will work on developing the control necessary to handle these situations safely and reliably.

Urban Living

In the Tier 2 program, we incorporate a layer of training that is rarely completed in personal protection dog training: Urban Living training. This includes a combination of scenario-based training in your home for your family and home protector, along with obedience and neutrality training expected of every well-trained dog. This training covers various aspects, including handling the introduction of guests into your house and managing your canine protector in heavy traffic situations.

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