Personal Protection Dogs


Chitown K9's Personal Protection Dog Training  program focuses on the specific needs of your day-to-day life. From helping you select a puppy to providing you a fully trained dog, our dog training and personal security professionals ensure you have a seamless experience when bringing in a new working dog into your home. 

Every dog we train is unique and so is every experience. In working with us you'll find an incredibly knowledgeable and flexible team. All dogs, including puppies undergo thorough, thoughtful and in-depth training to reach their individual goals. 

K9 Selection

If you are looking for puppy for Bite Sports or as a Personal Protection Dog, then this is the program for you. Chitown K9 has access to some of the most reliable breeders in sport and the working dog world. 

We can help you select a puppy, guide you through the raising process and or provide a fully trained dog.


K9 Guardian

Our K9 Guardian program is focused on taking your existing dog, who after a successful evaluation, can be placed into PPD training.

Only certain breeds and dogs of certain temperament apply.

This program is also available to Sport Competitors who would like to build a strong bite work foundation for their competition K9.


K9 Protector

Working with breeders and trainers around the world we are able to source fully trained dogs for Personal Protection Dogs and Police Department K9.
Dogs are brought into our program - proofed for their specific work and placed in private security, with loving families or Law Enforcement. If you are interested in this service, please fill out our questionnaire.


All of our programs require an evaluation with our team prior to enrollment.
Fill out a general enquiry below. Fill-out our questionnaire prior to program enrollment.